Dietary health
Branding ▪︎ Design System ▪︎ 2020
Kleen’s founders approached me during the height of the pandemic, with a passionate vision: to create an identity for a product they deeply believed in — an ethically sourced supplement aimed at health optimization for queer men.



Together with Kleen’s founders, target audience and users profiles were defined in the first project stage. With this in mind, we designed an identity that represents and communicates the values of Kleen. Throughout our journey to define Kleen’s identity, we encountered a significant challenge.

Our user research revealed that the target demographic spanned a vast age range, from 18 to 70+. This insight led us to an imperative: Kleen’s visual identity had to resonate with users from various life stages. It needed to capture universal sentiments of joy, freedom, and body positivity while offering a contemporary perspective on queerness, openness and taboo- free sexual health, as well as an identity system that appeals to both young and mature customers.

USER PERSONASPersonas provide a solid foundation for understanding the diverse needs and preferences of potential users. The examples below are three of six total personas that were created. With Alex, the focus is on convenience and confidence amidst a busy lifestyle. Jamie's profile emphasizes the importance of supporting an active lifestyle with natural, effective supplements. Taylor's persona highlights the significance of a targeted branding, social influence, and aligning the brand with user values.



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