Graphic Design and Art Direction for the augmented reality magazine Fermento.

Creative team: Sara Lavazza, Edo Guido, Elena Filippi, Francesco Scagliarini

Animation and visual identity for the cross-disciplinary exhibition «Speculum».

KubaParis article can be viewed here.
Creative partner: Elisabeth Prehn

Art direction and visual identity for Kleen, a brand that combines nutritional supplements and  sexual health.

Exhibition identity and keyvisual for Occasion, a charity exhibition by BetterTogether and 101 PS in Cologne, Germany.

Creative partner: Elisabeth Prehn 

Art direction and photography for Polly Roche’s collaboration with Bimba Y Lola. 

Creative partner: Elisabeth Prehn 

Logo commission by the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. ARP (short for Anti-Racism Podcast)
is their discussion-based podcast, that offers critique on forms of racism, institutional or structural.

Website Design for Posse Magazine.

Co-designed and developed by Sara Pinilla

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